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Pirscription’s new visual continues to shock viewers!!

We want to give a special thanks to everybody involved in this video! Yall are the real MVP’s!!! Get the EP: “87/94″ NOW!! AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE! iTunes: https://goo.gl/Hb8ogB Spotify: http://goo.gl/N2MoXb Tidal: http://tidal.com/store/album/81197866 Google Play: http://goo.gl/4HYwUc Follow us on Instagram: @Pirscription @Droseph_purp @swisherluv420 @giovannithaking

Pirscription has started releasing original projects….

Finally… Finally… Finally….. Enough team members complained for Pirscription to kick it into gear! haha!    Earlier last month Script, with the help of artist Chance Foley & producer Hunter Drake, released his first all original project.“87/94″  is the first of multiple EP’s set to drop from OOAK. Stay tuned, & check out the links below!!  iTunes: http://goo.gl/Hb8ogB Spotify: http://goo.gl/N2MoXb Tidal: http://tidal.com/store/album/81197866 Google …

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