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Shows & Events: Junior B-Day, (No Limit Forever Showcase) – Killeen Tx

       From college classes in Belton, to the Studio in West, then back to Killeen to hit the stage…… 

no limit forever flyer-500

         This Friday OOAK‘s Junior will be celebrating his 21st birthday along with the rest of the team in Killeen, Tx at the Int’l Sports Bar. The night will also be hosting The New No Limit Forever showcase with A&R Dolla Bill and DJ ADeezy in the mix. Normally we don’t partake in these type of “Contest” events, but with Junior turning 21, and nothing else on the schedule this weekend, we figured WHY NOT?!?! I personally couldn’t think of any place better to celebrate your 21st birthday, then rocking the stage gone off free birthday shots, & shutting the place down in the process!!

         Fresh off his debut mixtape release (A.I.D.S.) Junior will be showcasing some of the featured songs, as well a couple new, previously unreleased, tracks he has been working on. 

Come out and help celebrate Juniors birthday, get you a copy of A.I.D.S. (if you don’t allready have one), & have a good time; we know we will!! Hope to see you there!!

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FREE MP3: “Started Out With None” by Junior

started_out_with_none-blog pic 1 copy

Below is the soundcloud player for “Started Out With None”, download also available!


Cover Art for “Started Out With None” sponsored by: TrojanTownStudios.com

Our goal was to spread A.I.D.S….


“When we dropped the mixtape, we knew our goal was to spread the project to as many people as possible”.


“A.I.D.S″ Junior – Graphics by trojantownstudios.com

     The artist is Junior, a young MC from Mart, Tx. He’s a part of the young crop of mc’s that focus on lyrics and that’s refreshing. The mixtape we are discussing is the artist’s first release, A.I.D.S. From the controversial title to the subject matter I wanted to hear what he had to say.


JLD: First explain the title
Junior: “It actually has 2 meanings. One being an acronym that stands for aspiring individual desiring success and the second being a deeper theme about being conscious of your decisions and the repercussions that come with them”.

JLD: What has surprised you most about A.I.D.S
Junior: “How people feel about it and especially the way people in Waco were feeling it, me not being from there it was nice to win over a bigger city”.

JLD: What song explains you the best?
Junior: “Vision, because it just feels like motivation, it has a go getter feel”.

JLD: What were your musical inspirations for A.I.D.S
Junior: “Really I listen to mostly R&B ,haha but I like J.cole and Nas and how they tell stories. I like PAC a lot, those three mainly”.

JLD: What do you have coming in the near future?
Junior: “My next project is “Born Alone, Die Alone” due later in the year and a new single called Smoke And Drank that is ready to go and we will begin the promotion in the next month or so”.

I hope anybody that was feeling the album gained a little insight and anyone who hasn’t heard it to go get it ASAP.


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**  Below are 2 tracks from the mixtape. “Truth” & “Mind Your Business”



Junior: “A.I.D.S” << AVAILABLE NOW!!



1. I Know feat. RnB (prod. by Denero)

2. Never Did It feat. Tanecia Medlock (prod. by Certified Beats)
3. Keep Your Head Girl (prod. by Denero
4. Poetry Interlude
5. The Antidote feat. Duce D (prod. by DJ Lil Framp)
6. Small City, Big Dreams feat. Lil Dice (prod. by DJ Lil Framp)
7. Vision feat. Kam KT (prod. by Dat Trill Meskin)
8. Walk A Mile Interlude
9. Greatest Ever feat. Quistar Go (prod. by Denero)
10. I Got It (prod. by LoudxPack)
11. Truth (prod. by LoudxPack)
12. By Any Means (prod. by LoudxPack)
13. Grind Don’t Stop feat. T. Tokens (prod. by DJ Lil Framp)
14. All About My Cash feat. DQ Hampton (prod. by DJ Lil Framp)
15. Mind Your Business feat. Giovanni Tha King (prod. by Dat Trill Meskin)
16. Rumors (prod. by Dat Trill Meskin)
17. Take You Home feat. Kevin Tyrone (prod. by Trackanometry)
18. On It (prod. by LoudxPack)

        This mixtape is currently available only as a physical hard copy. Digital purchase via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody, & free streaming options will be announced as they become available.. 

Please check out two tracks from the mixtape below!! 


“Truth” – Available Now!!!!


Below is a preview of “Truth”. Please buy it via iTunes, Google Play, or another Digital Music store to show your support!!