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Wake Up Wake Up, & #LegalizeIt !!

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  Wake up wake up and put some facts in your brain. 

      Ok, here’s the deal, Script is going to Colorado for the Cannabis Cup (for the 2nd year straight … lucky bastard) and in honor of that I decided to drop some knowledge about the Marijuana industry. He also said something about maybe a video shoot/release while he is there, but that’s a story for another time… so stay tuned!

      Now, I’m not one for propaganda pieces and trying to convince anyone I Just want to leave you with something to think about so here are some facts and numbers because we all know that men lie women lie but numbers don’t lie, HOVA.

     Let’s start with what it cost State and Federal governments to run Marijuana Prohibition, according to Harvard University economist Jeffery Miron that figure is an estimated $17.4 billion. That number alone should cause concern and raise questions about the integrity of the entire operation especially when you consider that it’s fairly obvious that it hasn’t been successful. The investment company ArcView Market Research found that in 2013 the legal marijuana market is worth $1.53 billion, which is modest when you see that the same report found that it will reach $10.2 billion by 2020.

       When looking for the possibility of Texas and others to join the list of Medical states, a lot of eyes have descended on Colorado as we all wait and see how the state does being one of the first to legalize Marijuana. So far it’s been a complete success in the financial sector of it. In the first 2 months of 2014 the state collected $6.17 million and went on to collect $98 million during the fiscal year of 2014 according to a recent budget proposal from Gov. John Hickenlooper there will be $40 million devoted to public school construction and an estimated 7,500-10,000 industry jobs that opened up in 2014

      Colorado isn’t the only one benefitting, Washington state has projected that they will raise $190 million in taxes and fees, California’s medicinal dispensaries has an annual revenue of 105 million and Arizona’s marijuana market has an estimated value of $142.19 million. Maine has even got on board and will possibly be able to vote on it in 2016 after estimating that it could earn $36 million every year by legalizing and regulating marijuana, that is only a small portion of the states that have took a step in the direction of legalizing and regulating marijuana. 

      As we can see there is plenty of money to be made and with so many needs that need to be met from schools to after school programs, social security, research, etc. We have to take a serious look and be open minded, we have to erase some of the preconceived notions that exist about marijuana and go about it the right way so until we are free from the oppression of ignorance let’s respect the law and in the words of Nate Dogg…… “Smoke Weed Everyday”…. well, if its legal.

- – - – - – - – - #OOAK #JLD 

Messy hair. Tired eyes. Sore feet. Have you been at SXSW?

at sxsw blog pic copy

           I’m writing this at my desk and to put it plainly, my hips hurt and my back hurts and I need a marathon sleep session…but not before I make a note of things I need to do next year to make it better.  Here is a list of some things I DID do.

I drunk some beer, mostly Fireman’s ale but also indulged on Shiner. Thanks, Yahoo for the FREE beer.

Ate Bar-B-Que at an underrated spot called Blue Ribbon.

Ate Fried Chicken at Gus’s and Enchiladas at Amaya’s,  both hit the spot.

Sang along to “Hey there, Delilah” and “Trap Queen” within a couple hours of each other.

Saw 3 Folk bands at obscure venues.

Hit a “No Flex Zone” while stuck in traffic with Rae Sremmurd

Saw Riff Raff tell a fan that he couldn’t take a pic because “I have to go eat, get them gains”

Didn’t come close to seeing Incubus……. at all….

Almost got to see Sam Hunt and Jackie Green, bummed about both.

Jarren Benton performed his ass off.

             This past weekend had a different vibe, to me it felt a bit nostalgic and i’m sure the rain had a lot to do with the calmness of it all but none the less,  I enjoyed it.

             Some of the parties and events that are never an option in recent years were an option this year, for instance the Yahoo party which is usually out of the question had great events this year that were able to be enjoyed. The Fader Fort was another event that was said to be less packed then in recent years or at least felt that way. The food was over priced and the drinks were too but just like any other year, free beer is an option if you look hard enough.

             The women mostly looked uncomfortable, I met a couple gorgeous school teachers, met a gorgeous stripper (I’m guessing) from New Orleans and met an older lady at the Young Thug show that looked like Dr.Quinn the Medicine Woman and randomly asked me if I liked Goodie Mob, then told me how she had a friend that wore green jeans and loved the song “Greeny Green”. S/O to the girl in the red dress who spilled red wine all on the back of Script’s shirt & didn’t tell anybody, it made for a good laugh when we left the show, haha.

             I will be on to another festival next month, in Florida, and will probably have more interesting stories but something about being in Austin and the energy of SXSW that keeps us coming back… oh yeah, the expensive food and uncomfortable looking woman don’t hurt.


- – - – - #OOAK #JLD

“I witnessed a murder this past Friday.” by JLD.

0-100 - blog pic

     As we gather here today to mourn the loss of some wack MC’s, we shall take time to say thank you to the ones not bending and folding, lying and pretending, or living a make believe life that will be revealed as a facade, AND THAT DAY IS HERE!!….. Well…… almost!

    Untill then, here is the first visual release from “Closed Caskets”, an OOAK revamp of “0-100″.


   Trash, could be defined as unwanted, nasty, no good or un-useable items and in this video the two rappers are seen literally taking the trash out. Is that an underlying narrative?

   After watching “0-100″, a surprise video release from OOAK last Friday, it is in my opinion, a metaphorical view of how almost all of us feel about the current state of hip-hop.

  The album planned for a Beyoncé style release some time between now and SXSW, I myself have been anticipating the record for a while now (I told Script he’s bullsh*tting) but, I now have confirmation that it is done and about to be pressed.

I want to encourage everyone to check out this video and see how you perceive it. Peace, I’m out.

- – - – - – #OOAK #JLD

SXSW 2015… Are you ready?


      Every March, musicians do whatever they have to do to find a way to Austin,Tx for what is billed as the largest Music festival of its kind, South by Southwest.

        What started in 1987 as a local attraction has now become the place to be if you are a musician or have anything to do with music for that matter. In the past years we have done whatever it takes to take advantage of the close to home festival, and have done everything from sleep in cars and pack 10 deep in hotel rooms, to renting a 2 story house for the entire week of SX!

sxsw collage pic

Collage of pictures from past SXSW trips, 2013, 2014

     This year, again, OOAK and JLD will be making the trek down I-35 to be apart of the festivities and I’ve personally noticed the exponential growth of the event which comes with it’s pros and cons. When I was there in 2009 I felt like it had a very laid back artist friendly vibe and the artist were able to hang out and mingle or do freestyle cyphers a lot more freely, but, as with anything, growth has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Attendance hasn’t been hampered, neither has the slew of artist that head to SXSW every year. This year there are rumored to be less “un-official” events and stricter restrictions on events overall, and everybody is waiting to see if it kills the vibe that SXSW has created, or if we will like it even more than the previous years. But either way, lets be honest, how do you put alcohol, pretty women, great music, street tacos and Austin together and not expect it to be an amazing time?

    As we get closer to SXSW we will be focusing on different aspects of the event, peoples stories, food and information on events we think are interesting.

- – - – #OOAK #JLD


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For a full schedule of SXSW events please visit: http://schedule.sxsw.com/

Why doesn’t Waco have a Hip-Hop music scene?


     With more than 200,000 people in and around the Waco area, over 30,000 college kids, more than 20 high schools, an up and coming downtown area, 3 hip hop affiliated radio stations (at press time), and an over-abundance of artists; the question remains…..

    Why doesn’t Waco have a Hip-hop music scene?

    The 3 radio stations could (and do) provide some support to artist and the events going on around the city and is an invaluable tool. It should be mentioned that there are a group of people doing what they can such as; DJ Cyse, who hosts the 94.5 The Beat “Street Beats” every Sunday 8pm to 10pm, and DJ Magnum, who hosts HOT 104.9 “Waco’s Very Own” every Wednesday at 5pm , just to name a couple.

    Is support a problem? Why hasn’t an artist been able to connect with the college crowd of the city? Is it the venues that don’t give artist a stage to showcase? Or is it just something deeper that renders the city from reaching its full potential?


Z-Ro Performing at 2011 Waco Summer Bash (Photo Cred: Businessman Ent)

  Aside from the annual Waco Summer Bash Car Show & Concert, which pulls a few thousand attendees a year, hip hop shows reaching more than a couple hundred guests are a rare occurrence locally. One Of A Kind Records founder Pirscription mentioned that part of the reason he threw his Birthday Party/Concert last August was to give not only the OOAK artists, but some of his favorite other local artists a good opportunity to showcase themselves, and hopes he will be able to do it again this year.

    Many of the acts here in the cen-tex get lots of support when on the road, only to come back home and fall on deaf ears. What can WE do to change this? What can YOU do to change this? ….. Whatever the solution, just know that there are individuals out here laying the ground work today, for tomorrows success.

    Salute to the ones already doing enough, and we hope to see you at the top.

- – - – - – - – #OOAK #JLD

Pirscription: “Keeps Me From Letting People Down”


  Between running an indie label, recording studio and overseeing other situations, it’s hard to figure out how Pirscription fits it all in a day.


Photo Cred: Kid Productions // Ft. Worth, Tx 2013

   He’s been a staple in the Cen-Tex hip-hop scene for years, working with the likes of Rapid Ric, Chalie Boy, and countless other Texas legends. From moving underground units to grooming the next crop of breakout artist, Script has proved that he is a part of the Cen-Tex music scene and will be for years to come.

   On my most recent trip to Trojan Town Studios, I got to ask a couple questions about the anticipated project “Closed Caskets”.


JLD: Has “Closed Caskets” received an official release date?
Pirscription: No official date yet, I like to have the master copy in hand before starting any date promotion. Keeps me from letting people down (haha)


JLD: Do you have a favorite song yet?
Pirscription: Ehhh.. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, but I really like the tracks “Learn Something” & “Lifestyle”, one has a bunch of cinematic sound we made ourselves, & the other just hits close to home.


JLD: Are there any features on the album?
Pirscription: No, not really. Just Me & Duce. So far we are 20 tracks in & only 1 song has features, (“Where Tha Raps At”) which features the remaining members of the OOAK artist roster (Junior & Lil Dice).


 - – - – - – - – - #OOAK #JLD


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“Take Kare” – Duce D & Pirscription

“0-100″ – Pirscription & Duce D

Our goal was to spread A.I.D.S….


“When we dropped the mixtape, we knew our goal was to spread the project to as many people as possible”.


“A.I.D.S″ Junior – Graphics by trojantownstudios.com

     The artist is Junior, a young MC from Mart, Tx. He’s a part of the young crop of mc’s that focus on lyrics and that’s refreshing. The mixtape we are discussing is the artist’s first release, A.I.D.S. From the controversial title to the subject matter I wanted to hear what he had to say.


JLD: First explain the title
Junior: “It actually has 2 meanings. One being an acronym that stands for aspiring individual desiring success and the second being a deeper theme about being conscious of your decisions and the repercussions that come with them”.

JLD: What has surprised you most about A.I.D.S
Junior: “How people feel about it and especially the way people in Waco were feeling it, me not being from there it was nice to win over a bigger city”.

JLD: What song explains you the best?
Junior: “Vision, because it just feels like motivation, it has a go getter feel”.

JLD: What were your musical inspirations for A.I.D.S
Junior: “Really I listen to mostly R&B ,haha but I like J.cole and Nas and how they tell stories. I like PAC a lot, those three mainly”.

JLD: What do you have coming in the near future?
Junior: “My next project is “Born Alone, Die Alone” due later in the year and a new single called Smoke And Drank that is ready to go and we will begin the promotion in the next month or so”.

I hope anybody that was feeling the album gained a little insight and anyone who hasn’t heard it to go get it ASAP.


– - – - – - – - #OOAK #JLD


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**  Below are 2 tracks from the mixtape. “Truth” & “Mind Your Business”



Duce D: God Fearing, Father, Rap Artist Trying To Make It”


   With the release of Closed Caskets getting closer, we will be looking back at some recent works that have come from the #OOAK fam.

 First we look at Duce D: “The Gift”.

sxswplus“Duce D – The Gift”  // JLD, Lil Dice, Duce D, Pirscription @ SXSW 2012 (photo cred: Epic Images)

   I received this album at SXSW (2012) when there is an abundance of music being distributed and most of, to be honest, is sub-par and fails to make it past the second song. However, Duce’s project caught everyone in the cars attention and kept it.


“Duce D – The Gift Intro // Shot & Edited by DJ Luis of Chip Stack Films/Dirty 3rd Records)

I recently talked to Duce about the album and ask him some questions I thought y’all might want to know.


JLD: Tell me who Duce is in one sentence
Duce D: god fearing, father, rap artist trying to make it


JLD: What makes you most proud when you think about “The Gift”?
Duce D: the response.


JLD: How have you improved since The Gift?
Duce D: Conceptually and being more introspective. I think I’ve grown overall as a artist


JLD: Most personal song on the gift?
Duce D: ”Love Lost” **


JLD: Your favorite song on The Gift?
Duce D: ”Change Your Life” ** My flow and the beat makes it something I can jam all the time


JLD: Leave us with 5 closing words?
Duce D: live. life. love. be happy.


- – - – And that’s that. Do good. #OOAK #JLD

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**  Below are the 2 tracks referenced above. “Love Lost” & “Change Ya Life”


First Look…. “Closed Caskets”


“It’s happening, on a tree lined street in West,Tx. Up a narrow stair case in a two story house is where it’s taking place, it’s called Closed Caskets and it’s dope.”

cc-540px “Closed Caskets: Vol 1″ Pirscription & Duce D – Graphics by trojantownstudios.com

  Closed Caskets: Vol 1, the new collaborative mixtape from Pirscription and Duce D, comes on the heels of Duce’s locally successful mixtape “The Gift” and will be followed up by his mixtape “No Crown For A King”Script made a point that this was an introduction of the two artist to set up the release of solo mix tapes and Scripts full length album “Tales from the Script”.

  And with lyrics like Scripts line “Momma got a second job/at lunch I got extra crispitos” and Duce being honest with how he feels in lines like “labels raising young thugs with skinny jeans on”, this should get interesting…CLOSED CASKETS coming soon.

- – - – #OOAK #JLD

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“Take Kare” – Duce D & Pirscription

“0-100″ – Pirscription & Duce D

A crazy story…. The first of many..

I’m JLD, some of you all might know me and most of you won’t. I’m an artist and was traveling for the last 2 years and to make a long story short, my life crumbled and I ended up back around my hometown (Hillsboro, Tx). I had known Script from working with him in the past so I started kicking it in West,Tx at Trojan Town Studios, which he owns. I was super uninspired and not making music so I got to watch him and his crew One Of A Kind Records work…..

Skip to present day, I’m better now, back to making music (JLDecember), and that’s where you all come in. I thought you all should be in on this shit too and since I love to write I hope to be y’all’s insight in to what’s brewing with OOAK and other dope shit we come across.