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Duce D: God Fearing, Father, Rap Artist Trying To Make It”


   With the release of Closed Caskets getting closer, we will be looking back at some recent works that have come from the #OOAK fam.

 First we look at Duce D: “The Gift”.

sxswplus“Duce D – The Gift”  // JLD, Lil Dice, Duce D, Pirscription @ SXSW 2012 (photo cred: Epic Images)

   I received this album at SXSW (2012) when there is an abundance of music being distributed and most of, to be honest, is sub-par and fails to make it past the second song. However, Duce’s project caught everyone in the cars attention and kept it.


“Duce D – The Gift Intro // Shot & Edited by DJ Luis of Chip Stack Films/Dirty 3rd Records)

I recently talked to Duce about the album and ask him some questions I thought y’all might want to know.


JLD: Tell me who Duce is in one sentence
Duce D: god fearing, father, rap artist trying to make it


JLD: What makes you most proud when you think about “The Gift”?
Duce D: the response.


JLD: How have you improved since The Gift?
Duce D: Conceptually and being more introspective. I think I’ve grown overall as a artist


JLD: Most personal song on the gift?
Duce D: ”Love Lost” **


JLD: Your favorite song on The Gift?
Duce D: ”Change Your Life” ** My flow and the beat makes it something I can jam all the time


JLD: Leave us with 5 closing words?
Duce D: live. life. love. be happy.


- – - – And that’s that. Do good. #OOAK #JLD

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**  Below are the 2 tracks referenced above. “Love Lost” & “Change Ya Life”


OOAK featured in WGH Magazine!

Issue #9 of We Grind Hard Magazine was released December 27, 2013. It features not only multiple advertisements for One Of A Kind Records, but also a 2 page spread featuring all members of the label, as well as front cover “On The Grind” placement.

We would like to thank Reese Gees, Big Jay, Erika Alvarado, & the whole WGH team for their continued support of our movement!!!

For more info, to purchase a subscription, please visit >> WGHMagazine.com


The I.N.D. Show – (California Based TV Show) – Interview

This year at the annual Waco Texas Summer Bash car show & concert I met Lisa Baker, a.k.a. First Lady Lisa! Lisa is a very dedicated hip hop enthusiast with her own TV & Radio Show based out of Sacramento California, The I.N.D. Show. The I.N.D. Show is based around independent artists, giving them exposure, sharing their works, and promoting upcoming releases. The TV show airs on two different stations on two different cable networks, and is a big outlet for independent artists, such as us at One Of A Kind Records, to reach a new demographic of people.

In this episode, which is focused around Lisa and her teams trip to the Waco Summer Bash, Texas legends Slim Thug and Chalie Boy rip up the show along side local acts like Giovanni Tha King & Tyler J. Also in this episode, and our reason for posting this (haha), artist Pirscription talks about the “Waco Summer Bash 2K12″ mixtape that was released earlier that morning, and shouts out to the I.N.D. show for all the love.

For more info, or to get featured on The I.N.D. Show, please contact LISA BAKER on facebook or email theindshow@ymail.com

To view LIVE episodes of The I.N.D. Show please tune in >> www.AccessSacramento.org
Comcast & SureWest : Channel 18
AT&T : Channel 99