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NEW VIDEO: “Homeless Man” by Junior

homeless man blog pic

      Junior is 2 for 10 now that he has released this Official Music Video for Campus Convos Theme Song “Homeless Man” (also featured on his recent album “Nothing To Relate To”).

     Campus Convos is a new series geared toward improving cultural competence, diversity and cultural inclusion! Special S/O to Kiona Robinson, the NAACP affiliates, and everybody at Baylor who made this vision a reality! Stay tuned for the release of Campus Convos Spring 2016!


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Shows & Events: Friday, March 18th, 2016 – “Trendsetters SXSW”



 If you’re gonna be in Austin for SXSW weekend, you need to definitely come check out “Trendsetters SXSW” the Showcase & Showdown! 



    The showcase (which will take place on March 18th in Austin Tx @ The Game Plan)  will feature a performance by Jamstar artist Flipsyde, top underground, local & independent artists, as well as sounds by BreadCamp DJ ADeezy of 94.5 The BeatPirscription & Junior will be performing a back to back headlining set, which will feature both old and new material. Also gracing the stage are some OOAK associates like Lucky L.O.C., Sunny BoBo, Twenty Grand, D$G, & more.

Aside from the showcase, The Showdown will feature a Double Elimination Tournament on Mortal Kombat X to take home the grand prize!  

It’s not an official SXSW event so, you won’t need a wristband! 



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To register for the MKX Tournament, please email FleaMarketFlip@Gmail.com

NEW VIDEO: Junior “Just Riding”


      Junior is back with the new video “Just Riding”.This track is featured on the album “Nothing To Relate To”, and is the first of many visuals to be released for the project.


Junior – “Just Riding” prod by: Dat Trill Meskin Gibbie
Video Filmed & Edited by: Pirscription for TrojanTownStudios.com

“Nothing To Relate To” is now available!! (Get it HERE!!)

NTRT header




ntrt - 500





1. No Hard Feelings
2. For The Love Of The Game
3. Father, Forgive Me
4. Queen
5. Just Riding
6. Breaking Point
7. Homeless Man
8. It’s Gon Be Alright
9. Voices
10. History In The Making


Executive Producers: Junior & Pirscription

All songs written by Leonard Earl Williams, Jr (BMI)

Published by Payton Bryce Behlau (ASCAP) for Trojan Town Studios.

All tracks produced by Dat Trill Meskin Gibbie of Loyal Money Fam.

Recorded at Trojan Town Studios with the exception of tracks 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, recorded by Luis Ramos at Madison Avenue Studio.

All songs mixed and mastered by Pirscription (ASCAP) at Trojan Town Studios in West, Tx.

Artwork concept: L. Williams, Jr

Digital Illustration & Album Artwork by @KartoonHero of Elite ArtworX.

Sound Recording Copyrights obtained by L. Williams, Jr via the U.S. Copyright Office. (c) 2015, All Rights Reserved.

A&R/Management by One Of A Kind Records, an Independent Organization.

For Booking: (254)-733-5297 or visit oneofakindrecords.com


The Legend Continues ….


    Last Saturday I worked all day and was dreading driving to Waco but I knew that I couldn’t miss this shit and Ooooh boy was I right. 

   The occasion was Pirscription’s Birthday Party, and not just a regular party, but one that had to live up to the hype of last years event that seen Texas legends Mr. Pookie and Mr Lucci hit the stage in what is still being called an amazing performance. 

  Hold up, you thought it wouldn’t be as live? Yooour wrong.

      This year was dope and if you were there then I know you enjoyed yourself, the performances were once again on point, the atmosphere was nice and the vibe was right.

       It felt like a who’s who of the Waco area with a lot of people making moves in the building. The music stayed live with a steady stream of everything jamming, DJ Cyse, DJ ADeezy, and DJ Texas T providing Master of Ceremonies duties. The liquor was flowing through the VIP lounge, which stayed nice and active as food and drinks were being served. (I served some drinks…..I bet you hated me the next morning, huh?) 

      Right around the time the performances started the energy picked up and never stopped. The opening acts were as I said before were on point, delivered a great show and set the tone for what was the gasoline to the fire. I had seen most of these artist before and was impressed again none the less. Trouble City had people singing along, and Cinto converted some new fans. The always reliable Lucky Loc brought out his shining protege D.B. to assist him in his high energy set and in what was a long awaited performance Bellafante did not disappoint in adding a level of showmanship to his show that was appreciated by all, 2 Stoned came with some lovely ladies and knocked out his performance (Microphone in the car) haha and I be damn if Script didn’t bring his crew through to smash it, Script, Duce and Junior took turns showcasing their skills before making way for the Freight Train…

    Big Tuck, the Dallas legend was in Waco and delivered a great performance. I had never seen Tuck perform but knew more then a few of his records and he didn’t disappoint, and kept rocking the crowd to the fan favorites. The highlights were definitely the crowds energy spike during “Tussle” and the impromptu twerk contest in the crowd during the set, Tuck being the veteran that he is commanded the crowd with call and response sections that kept the crowd entwined. At the end of his set, you could tell the crowd wanted more, and in a surprise twist, he told Script and Cyse to hit the crowd with some throwback requests and delivered an AMAZING encore. It was closer to closing time when Tuck left the stage, but not before freestyling and passing the mic to OOAK artist Junior. who had the entire building riding the beat with him screaming in hype! In another move that was uncommon with most artist he stayed and kicked it, chopping it up and taking pics. Another reason why Pirscription’s Birthday Party’s are a must attend. 

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       I spoke with Tuck for a sec and asked if he’s performed in Waco before and if he enjoyed coming back?

Tuck: I haven’t been here in about a year and a half, I appreciate Script bringing me out. Waco has always showed love and was one of the early supporters of the DSR movement.

(At that moment I was interrupted by the glare of a couple highly intoxicated females waiting to take a pic and as a journalist you learn to just get out of the way…more interview to come.) 

     So, cheers to another great time and if I know Script then you should just go ahead and get a couple VIP tickets and be ready.

Happy Birthday Script. Peace.

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 Photos courtesy of Polow MobTV - full gallery at facebook.com/polowmobtv

Shows & Events: Junior B-Day, (No Limit Forever Showcase) – Killeen Tx

       From college classes in Belton, to the Studio in West, then back to Killeen to hit the stage…… 

no limit forever flyer-500

         This Friday OOAK‘s Junior will be celebrating his 21st birthday along with the rest of the team in Killeen, Tx at the Int’l Sports Bar. The night will also be hosting The New No Limit Forever showcase with A&R Dolla Bill and DJ ADeezy in the mix. Normally we don’t partake in these type of “Contest” events, but with Junior turning 21, and nothing else on the schedule this weekend, we figured WHY NOT?!?! I personally couldn’t think of any place better to celebrate your 21st birthday, then rocking the stage gone off free birthday shots, & shutting the place down in the process!!

         Fresh off his debut mixtape release (A.I.D.S.) Junior will be showcasing some of the featured songs, as well a couple new, previously unreleased, tracks he has been working on. 

Come out and help celebrate Juniors birthday, get you a copy of A.I.D.S. (if you don’t allready have one), & have a good time; we know we will!! Hope to see you there!!

- – - – - #OOAK #JLD

FREE MP3: “Started Out With None” by Junior

started_out_with_none-blog pic 1 copy

Below is the soundcloud player for “Started Out With None”, download also available!


Cover Art for “Started Out With None” sponsored by: TrojanTownStudios.com

Our goal was to spread A.I.D.S….


“When we dropped the mixtape, we knew our goal was to spread the project to as many people as possible”.


“A.I.D.S″ Junior – Graphics by trojantownstudios.com

     The artist is Junior, a young MC from Mart, Tx. He’s a part of the young crop of mc’s that focus on lyrics and that’s refreshing. The mixtape we are discussing is the artist’s first release, A.I.D.S. From the controversial title to the subject matter I wanted to hear what he had to say.


JLD: First explain the title
Junior: “It actually has 2 meanings. One being an acronym that stands for aspiring individual desiring success and the second being a deeper theme about being conscious of your decisions and the repercussions that come with them”.

JLD: What has surprised you most about A.I.D.S
Junior: “How people feel about it and especially the way people in Waco were feeling it, me not being from there it was nice to win over a bigger city”.

JLD: What song explains you the best?
Junior: “Vision, because it just feels like motivation, it has a go getter feel”.

JLD: What were your musical inspirations for A.I.D.S
Junior: “Really I listen to mostly R&B ,haha but I like J.cole and Nas and how they tell stories. I like PAC a lot, those three mainly”.

JLD: What do you have coming in the near future?
Junior: “My next project is “Born Alone, Die Alone” due later in the year and a new single called Smoke And Drank that is ready to go and we will begin the promotion in the next month or so”.

I hope anybody that was feeling the album gained a little insight and anyone who hasn’t heard it to go get it ASAP.


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**  Below are 2 tracks from the mixtape. “Truth” & “Mind Your Business”



Junior: “A.I.D.S” << AVAILABLE NOW!!



1. I Know feat. RnB (prod. by Denero)

2. Never Did It feat. Tanecia Medlock (prod. by Certified Beats)
3. Keep Your Head Girl (prod. by Denero
4. Poetry Interlude
5. The Antidote feat. Duce D (prod. by DJ Lil Framp)
6. Small City, Big Dreams feat. Lil Dice (prod. by DJ Lil Framp)
7. Vision feat. Kam KT (prod. by Dat Trill Meskin)
8. Walk A Mile Interlude
9. Greatest Ever feat. Quistar Go (prod. by Denero)
10. I Got It (prod. by LoudxPack)
11. Truth (prod. by LoudxPack)
12. By Any Means (prod. by LoudxPack)
13. Grind Don’t Stop feat. T. Tokens (prod. by DJ Lil Framp)
14. All About My Cash feat. DQ Hampton (prod. by DJ Lil Framp)
15. Mind Your Business feat. Giovanni Tha King (prod. by Dat Trill Meskin)
16. Rumors (prod. by Dat Trill Meskin)
17. Take You Home feat. Kevin Tyrone (prod. by Trackanometry)
18. On It (prod. by LoudxPack)

        This mixtape is currently available only as a physical hard copy. Digital purchase via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody, & free streaming options will be announced as they become available.. 

Please check out two tracks from the mixtape below!! 


OOAKTV: Webisode 1.5 << WATCH NOW!!

Trojan Town Studios presents the 1.5 episode of the “OOAKTV Webisode” Series, it features Pirscription & the One Of A Kind Records team on the road, performing shows, studio sessions, personal humor, and more.

It features cameos from people like Just Brittany, Tyler J, DJ Texas T, Terry Bluez, & more, & also gives you and inside look at the OOAK VAN painting process. This 13+ minute release is the pre-lude to the SXSW Edition “OOAKTV Webisode 2“, set to release soon.

For more info/booking please visit: oneofakindrecords.com

This webisode was filmed & edited by Trojan Town Studios. trojantownstudios.com

Follow us on twitter: @oneofakindpromo @Pirscription @DuceDMusic254 @LilDice254 @DatTrillMeskin @1ofakindjunior

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