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Pirscription: “Keeps Me From Letting People Down”


  Between running an indie label, recording studio and overseeing other situations, it’s hard to figure out how Pirscription fits it all in a day.


Photo Cred: Kid Productions // Ft. Worth, Tx 2013

   He’s been a staple in the Cen-Tex hip-hop scene for years, working with the likes of Rapid Ric, Chalie Boy, and countless other Texas legends. From moving underground units to grooming the next crop of breakout artist, Script has proved that he is a part of the Cen-Tex music scene and will be for years to come.

   On my most recent trip to Trojan Town Studios, I got to ask a couple questions about the anticipated project “Closed Caskets”.


JLD: Has “Closed Caskets” received an official release date?
Pirscription: No official date yet, I like to have the master copy in hand before starting any date promotion. Keeps me from letting people down (haha)


JLD: Do you have a favorite song yet?
Pirscription: Ehhh.. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, but I really like the tracks “Learn Something” & “Lifestyle”, one has a bunch of cinematic sound we made ourselves, & the other just hits close to home.


JLD: Are there any features on the album?
Pirscription: No, not really. Just Me & Duce. So far we are 20 tracks in & only 1 song has features, (“Where Tha Raps At”) which features the remaining members of the OOAK artist roster (Junior & Lil Dice).


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“Take Kare” – Duce D & Pirscription

“0-100″ – Pirscription & Duce D

Duce D: God Fearing, Father, Rap Artist Trying To Make It”


   With the release of Closed Caskets getting closer, we will be looking back at some recent works that have come from the #OOAK fam.

 First we look at Duce D: “The Gift”.

sxswplus“Duce D – The Gift”  // JLD, Lil Dice, Duce D, Pirscription @ SXSW 2012 (photo cred: Epic Images)

   I received this album at SXSW (2012) when there is an abundance of music being distributed and most of, to be honest, is sub-par and fails to make it past the second song. However, Duce’s project caught everyone in the cars attention and kept it.


“Duce D – The Gift Intro // Shot & Edited by DJ Luis of Chip Stack Films/Dirty 3rd Records)

I recently talked to Duce about the album and ask him some questions I thought y’all might want to know.


JLD: Tell me who Duce is in one sentence
Duce D: god fearing, father, rap artist trying to make it


JLD: What makes you most proud when you think about “The Gift”?
Duce D: the response.


JLD: How have you improved since The Gift?
Duce D: Conceptually and being more introspective. I think I’ve grown overall as a artist


JLD: Most personal song on the gift?
Duce D: ”Love Lost” **


JLD: Your favorite song on The Gift?
Duce D: ”Change Your Life” ** My flow and the beat makes it something I can jam all the time


JLD: Leave us with 5 closing words?
Duce D: live. life. love. be happy.


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**  Below are the 2 tracks referenced above. “Love Lost” & “Change Ya Life”


A crazy story…. The first of many..

I’m JLD, some of you all might know me and most of you won’t. I’m an artist and was traveling for the last 2 years and to make a long story short, my life crumbled and I ended up back around my hometown (Hillsboro, Tx). I had known Script from working with him in the past so I started kicking it in West,Tx at Trojan Town Studios, which he owns. I was super uninspired and not making music so I got to watch him and his crew One Of A Kind Records work…..

Skip to present day, I’m better now, back to making music (JLDecember), and that’s where you all come in. I thought you all should be in on this shit too and since I love to write I hope to be y’all’s insight in to what’s brewing with OOAK and other dope shit we come across.