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Waco Summer Bash 2K15 cover art released!! by: JLD

wsb2k15 - BLOG       I’ve touched on topics before concerning the Hip Hop scene in Waco,Tx and it should be noted that it is being facilitated in part by Waco Summer Bash and the impact it has on the Waco music scene.  This is the 7th year, and with a lot of pride in the fact that it has progressed every year, a reliable headliner, and quality supporting from up and coming performers it will be another year of progress. This years bash will take place on August 2nd, and although all the details not yet confirmed, be on the lookout at wacosummerbash.com for more info as it available.

       One of the highlights of Summer Bash is the annual mixtape which thru-out the years has been overseen by Pirscription, and since 2013 has featured the mixing skills of 94.5 The Beat‘s DJ ADeezy. For the past 5 years it has served as a who’s who of local music and a hope for most up and coming artist, with that said we are proud to announce and present the cover of this years Waco Summer Bash Mixtape. This year could be the best yet, bringing you not only new talent, but also all your cen-tex favorites. Stay tuned for more info and get ready to grab your mixtape August 2nd at the bash!!!!

       Now with no further ado, I present to you the 2K15 cover for this years Waco Summer Bash Mixtape!!!!


Summer Bash 2K15-500


Graphic Artwork by: trojantownstudios.com

If you are a local artist, & would like a chance to be featured on this years Waco Summer Bash mixtape, please contact us.


Why doesn’t Waco have a Hip-Hop music scene?


     With more than 200,000 people in and around the Waco area, over 30,000 college kids, more than 20 high schools, an up and coming downtown area, 3 hip hop affiliated radio stations (at press time), and an over-abundance of artists; the question remains…..

    Why doesn’t Waco have a Hip-hop music scene?

    The 3 radio stations could (and do) provide some support to artist and the events going on around the city and is an invaluable tool. It should be mentioned that there are a group of people doing what they can such as; DJ Cyse, who hosts the 94.5 The Beat “Street Beats” every Sunday 8pm to 10pm, and DJ Magnum, who hosts HOT 104.9 “Waco’s Very Own” every Wednesday at 5pm , just to name a couple.

    Is support a problem? Why hasn’t an artist been able to connect with the college crowd of the city? Is it the venues that don’t give artist a stage to showcase? Or is it just something deeper that renders the city from reaching its full potential?


Z-Ro Performing at 2011 Waco Summer Bash (Photo Cred: Businessman Ent)

  Aside from the annual Waco Summer Bash Car Show & Concert, which pulls a few thousand attendees a year, hip hop shows reaching more than a couple hundred guests are a rare occurrence locally. One Of A Kind Records founder Pirscription mentioned that part of the reason he threw his Birthday Party/Concert last August was to give not only the OOAK artists, but some of his favorite other local artists a good opportunity to showcase themselves, and hopes he will be able to do it again this year.

    Many of the acts here in the cen-tex get lots of support when on the road, only to come back home and fall on deaf ears. What can WE do to change this? What can YOU do to change this? ….. Whatever the solution, just know that there are individuals out here laying the ground work today, for tomorrows success.

    Salute to the ones already doing enough, and we hope to see you at the top.

- – - – - – - – #OOAK #JLD

“Waco Summer Bash 2K13″ Mixtape – Available 06/09/2013

The newest installment of the Waco Summer Bash mixtape series will be available June 9th at the 5th annual Waco Texas Summer Bash Car Show & Concert.

This years tape is going to be mixed by DJ ADeezy & hosted by Pirscription.



Below is the first leak from this years tape. It features T.O.G. artist KAM KT & is sure to have your trunk knocking come summer time!!


The I.N.D. Show – (California Based TV Show) – Interview

This year at the annual Waco Texas Summer Bash car show & concert I met Lisa Baker, a.k.a. First Lady Lisa! Lisa is a very dedicated hip hop enthusiast with her own TV & Radio Show based out of Sacramento California, The I.N.D. Show. The I.N.D. Show is based around independent artists, giving them exposure, sharing their works, and promoting upcoming releases. The TV show airs on two different stations on two different cable networks, and is a big outlet for independent artists, such as us at One Of A Kind Records, to reach a new demographic of people.

In this episode, which is focused around Lisa and her teams trip to the Waco Summer Bash, Texas legends Slim Thug and Chalie Boy rip up the show along side local acts like Giovanni Tha King & Tyler J. Also in this episode, and our reason for posting this (haha), artist Pirscription talks about the “Waco Summer Bash 2K12″ mixtape that was released earlier that morning, and shouts out to the I.N.D. show for all the love.

For more info, or to get featured on The I.N.D. Show, please contact LISA BAKER on facebook or email theindshow@ymail.com

To view LIVE episodes of The I.N.D. Show please tune in >> www.AccessSacramento.org
Comcast & SureWest : Channel 18
AT&T : Channel 99